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Paris & Tokyo MoUs CICs for 2015

For many years now, Regional Port State Control Authorities of Paris & Tokyo MoUs have been performing Concentrated Inspection campaigns (CICs) putting focus on specific areas where high levels of deficiencies have been encountered by PSCOs, or where new convention requirements have recently entered into force.

Such Campaigns usually take place yearly over a period of 3 months (September - November) and are combined with a regular Port State Control inspection.

For the current year 2015 the below topic shall be the subject of a CIC by both Paris & Tokyo MoU regions (while other MoUs may join as well):

2015 CIC: Crew Familiarization and Entry of Enclosed Spaces

According to the resolution MSC.350 (92), in relation to the CIC on Crew Familiarization and Entry of Enclosed Spaces in 2015, such amendments entered into force as of 1 January 2015 and which mandate enclosed space entry drills and training every two months under amendments to SOLAS.

Within its proactive role for verification compliance and reduce risk of detention, INSB Class will issue guidance information  relevant to  compliance criteria together with a pre-checklist , as we approach closer to the CIC commencement.


You may also refer to our Tecnical Notice ISM Technical Notice No 13/2015-dated 26.03.2015


CIC for 2016

On the future outlook for the year 2016, Paris MoU will focus on the implementation of the Maritime Labor Convention, 2006 (MLC) following its enforcement as of 2013.