Surveys & supervision on site for ships during construction is a most valuable dexterity one can anticipate by a ship classification society of choice.

INSB Class has supervised the construction of an expanding number of vessels of various types and sizes (all stages) and which have been satisfactorily and timely delivered, while other projects are on-going.

In a new building project, INSB Class proceeds to:

  • Review of class-relevant design documentation, calculations and drawings.
  • Design approval, survey, certification of materials and equipment.
  • Supervision of the vessel's construction on site.
  • Witnessing of functional tests, including dock and sea trials.
  • initial Class survey for the issue of ship’s H/M & Equipment certificate
  • initial Statutory surveys for compliance certification on behalf of intended flag state.


This is to verify compliance with INSB Rules and to ensure that Classification requirements are met and complied with for ship's intended service.