Heightened concerns at the impact of global shipping activities on the environment has increased environmental awareness, addressing the needs to improve ship’s efficiency as the most effective means to reduce fuel consumption and atmospheric emissions which in turn develop a new normative context and compliance challenges.

INSB recognizes such great concerns and their relation with the environmental aspects of ships operation. We remain both focused and alerted for ship environmental developments, so we are able to complement our service chain with the necessitated expertise and environmental consciousness while working towards quality shipping for the benefit of society in general.

We have presence in working groups of various Organizations, promoting best practices for implementation of “green” technology, while offering services relevant to the assessment, approval and certification of the environmental friendly equipment and devices.

INSB Class actualizes its research and development initiatives for practical solutions or methodologies to foster innovation and safety by participation to joint initiatives in cooperation with public and private organizations.


Currently INSB Class is involved in the following research activities and projects:

EU Project

In a joint research project of the European Union, funded under the FP7 framework, with the title “Use-it-Wisely (UiW)”.

This EU project draws world class knowledge and expertise from its twenty partners from all over Europe, being leaders in their respective fields including: academia, energy, shipbuilding, machinery, vehicles, space, furniture research, dissemination and exploitation.

“Use-it-Wisely (UiW)” project initiative is to enable European organizations to produce products and services capable of adapting to rapidly changing markets, the changing business environment and the customer goals by demonstrating state-of-the-art business model and platform, which enables life-ling adaptation of high investment product-service.

The project runs from 2013 to 2016. (http://www.use-it-wisely.eu/)


Green Technologies – Retrofits in Greece – ECOMASYN

We support activities & endeavors which deal with environmental issues regarding the improvement of the on-board energy efficiency and the protection of the marine environment, by implementation of new environmental friendly methods (i.e. LNG as fuel) and the installation of more effective energy saving equipment such as Scrubber & Ballast Water Treatment Systems.




Within the context of the international activities conducted by the Society, INSB Class participates to a number of working groups and meetings yearly by engaging its expert representatives into the Greek delegation at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO).


INSB Class envisages its participation to additional research projects which are currently into their planning phases.