INSB Class provides a broad range of plan appraisal, engineering reviews and technical calculations related to the INSB Classifications Rules & Regulations, the International Conventions and National Regulations, including:

Compliance Review:

  • Review of class plans, drawings and specifications
  • Verifications of main ship’s plans following modification or repairs

Structural related:

  • Design & hull structure strength calculations
  • Longitudinal strength calculations
  • Local strength calculations
  • Fatigue strength calculations
  • Scantlings determination
  • Equipment Number computation

Stability related:

  • Stability & Loading calculations
  • Intact and Damage stability
  • Grain Loading appraisals
  • Assignments of Freeboards & Tonnage measurements
  • Load limits assignments for Cargo Handling Appliances
  • Inclining Experiments

Computations for:

  • Towage computation
  • Cargo Securing Arrangements

Beyond ship’s constructional design and engineering approvals, we also provide review and approval of several marine manuals and statutory related plans including:

  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Emergency Plan ( SOPEP)
  • Shipboard Marine Pollution Emergency Plan (SMEP)
  • Ballast Water Management Plan (BWMP)
  • Ship-to-Ship Operational Manual ( STS)
  • Garbage Management Plan (GMP)
  • Fire Control & Life Saving Plan
  • Fire Safety Operational &  Management Plan

Respective Documents of Approval are issued after successful compliance review of each individual plan and/or manual.