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INSB Class remained a high performing Organisation


The Port State Control Authorities of Asia-Pacific region (Tokyo MoU) have released their Annual Report 2016 together with the 3 year performance listings 2014-2016 for Recognised Organisations and Flag States.

Based on the published PSC information, in the year 2016, INSB Class received 30 Inspections with zero (0) RO related detentions being recorded.  As in the past years of 2014 & 2015, it is noteworthy that INSB Class continued in 2016  its unbroken pattern of no RO related detentions being attributed.

In terms of the INSB Class 3-year performance overview for the period 2014-2016, (an extract from TOKYO MOU respective Annual Report 2016 can be found below) INSB recorded a total of 82 Inspections with zero (0) RO related detentions been attributed.


Such scored PSC results highlights INSB Class’s strong commitment and continued dedication for quality shipping to  sustain  positive PSC performance in the long term.


The Tokyo MoU Annual Report 2016 and 2014-2016 performance listings can be downloaded directly by Tokyo MoU website:




Note: INSB Class not listed in the RO performance table (Table 13, pages 46-47 of the Annual Report) since has less than the needed  number  of inspections  ( i.e ROs involving 60-179 inspections with zero detention are not included in this table)