Port State Control (PSC)

Port State Control is a harmonized system of ship inspection program whereby foreign vessels entering a sovereign state's waters are boarded and inspected to ensure compliance with various major international maritime conventions.

PSC programs are typically regional in nature; whereby several countries sharing common waters have grouped together under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to ensure that vessels trading in their area are not substandard.

Our approach

INSB Class encourages the effective dialogue and creation of a joint platform of communication with Flag Administrations, Port State Control Authorities and ship owners or operators, for “Quality Shipping”.

We endeavor to increase awareness relevant to interpretations of the continuous evolving safety standards and to assist clients retain their INSB classed vessels in conformity with the various international safety norms and Port State Control (PSC) standards.

We promote positive PSC mentality & fleet performance so to reduce risk of detentions by working with owners and managers to help them improve compliance with the classification and statutory requirements before they become either at risk or fall below required standards.

With the aim to assist ship owners / operators maintain proper PSC compliancy, our dedicated experts exercise fleet monitoring and screening on daily basis and use such results into our daily operations.

Guidance for PSC key elements

We have established a guidance PSC checklist titled “INSB-On Board PSC Maintenance Checklist” for use by crewmembers when carrying out normal routine maintenance of their vessels.

This comes to the aid of identifying and addressing safety elements that are often over-looked during routine onboard checks. It may also act as a preventive instrument against detentions re-occurrence if properly and impartially applied.

Outcome of our statistical analysis on the detainable deficiencies which are detected by PSC to INSB fleet, are shared with our clients for raising awareness on re-occurring deficiency patterns & trends.

Below listing reflect the standing  Memorandums of Understanding on PSC on a global basis:

  • Paris MOU (Europe and North Atlantic region)
  • Tokyo MOU (Asia-Pacific region)
  • Acuerdo de Vina del Mar (Latin American region)
  • Caribbean MOU (Caribbean region)
  • Mediterranean MOU (Mediterrranean region)
  • Indian Ocean MOU (Indian Ocean region)
  • Abuja MOU (West and Central African region)
  • Black Sea MOU (Black Sea region)
  • United States Coast Guard-USCG ( USA waters)