INSB Class maintains a register of approved Service Suppliers who deliver inspection and/or verification services relevant to ship’s classification, operational and safety equipment on board the vessel.

Approval of such Service Suppliers and issue of the corresponding INSB Document of Approval (DOA) is governed by the INSB corporate quality procedure and revenant provisions.

The INSB Class register of approved Service Suppliers encompasses (but not limited to) the below categories:

  • Ultrasonic thickness measurements of ship’s hull structures

  • Ultrasonic tightness testing of hatches

  • Non-destructive testing for projects/units

  • In-water survey of ships

  • Survey & maintenance of fire extinguishing equipment

  • Service of inflatable liferafts, lifejackets and other safety equipment

  • Survey and maintenance of ship’s radio equipment survey

  • Service and testing of voyage data recorder

  • Inspection and testing of navigational equipment and systems on board ships


The validity of the INSB Document of Approval (DOA) is annual, subject to renewal procedure.