INSB's loyalty to operational safety is eminent as we work to identify & manage potential risks to achieve improved ship safety and compliancy throughout vessels demanding lifecycle.

INSB’s consolidated experience and technical knowledge acquired over four decades of presence, enable us to offer the maritime industry a range of technical analysis and advisory services, including:

Ship structural & related appraisals

  • Design & hull structure strength calculations
  • Longitudinal strength calculations
  • Fatigue strength assessment
  • Local strength calculations

Stability related

  • Stability & loading calculations
  • Intact and damage stability analysis
  • Appraisal of grain loading and stability calculations
  • Assignment of load limits for cargo handling appliances
  • Freeboard assignments & Tonnage measurement

Technical services

  • Damage assessments & condition surveys
  • Survey for fitness for towage
  • Layup and re-activation surveys
  • Pre and Post repair inspections
  • Consultation services regarding ships and offshore units installations
  • Draught and Cargo Gear surveys

Compliance Review

  • Review of drawings and specifications
  • Independent systems review
  • Advisory services for systems optimization