Press Releases

INSB Class receives RO status by San Marino for yachts survey and certification

INSB Class Annual Activity Report 2020 is out now!

Expansion of RO delegation

Bahamas delegates INSB Class as Yacht Survey Organization (YSO)

INSB Class Annual Activity Report 2021 is out now!

INSB Class Annual Activity Report 2019 is out now!

Notice to users of INSB Class services - We are here to support

INSB Class receives authorization by IRI-Marshall Islands for yachts survey and certification.

Σχετικά με το περιστατικό προσάραξης – αποκόλλησης του Φ/Γ-Ο/Γ ΝΕΑΡΧΟΣ στην Νέα Καμμένη- Σαντορίνης.

INSB Class: Successful transition to ISO 9001:2015 standard


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