Versatile Solutions for the Yachting World


With over 4 decades of Greek maritime legacy as an International Classification Society, INSB Class also offers inspection and certification services for yachts (private and/or engaged in trade) as required to verify applicable statutory safety compliance and classification certification.

We have redesigned our yachting services portfolio to offer bespoke survey, classification and safety  certification services for small, large and super yachts, either private or engaged in commercial trade, supported by a growing service network with dedicated experts and cost leadership.

The expanding number of active certified yachts in the INSB Class register pin-point our developed dexterities and skills for the specialized yacht segment.

Supplementally, INSB Class can provide comprehensive advisory services to builders, designers and owners of yachts under construction. Such services also extend to cover yachts conversion projects or retrofits to meet desired design needs as well as operational requirements.

Our services are realized based on the qualities, skills and professional competence of our dedicated yacht experts. Supported by our growing network of offices and survey stations around the globe, we provide accredited certification and advisory solutions enabling commercial and business decisions to be made quickly, timely and with cost leadership.