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INSB_Class 16th January, 2017


INSB Class announced that has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU), with Verifavia, the world’s leading emissions verification company for the transport sector (aviation and shipping),


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INSB_Class 1st December, 2016

We are proud to announce that one of the vessels classified under INSB Class & raising the esteemed Cook Islands Flag has won a very prestigious award – The Best Crew of charter vessel under 50 m.

The awards were given at the 2016 Monaco Yacht Show and it is worth to highlight that M/Y ASKARI was competing with thousands of charter boats from all over the world!

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INSB_Class 25th November, 2016

Ο INSB στο πλαίσιο της επικαιροποίησης και αναβάθμισης των γνώσεων των επιθεωρητών του ώστε να επιτελούν αποτελεσματικά το έργο τους, διοργάνωσε την Παρασκευή 18-11-2016 την 4ηκατά σειρά ετήσια επιμορφωτική ημερίδα στο ξενοδοχείο SAVOY στον Πειραιά.

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