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INSB_Class 20th July, 2016

INSB Class is proud to endorse the inaugural Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards 2016 which will take place during the upcoming SMM at Hamburg in September.

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INSB_Class 29th June, 2016

Καθέλκυση Επιβατηγών Οχηματαγωγών πλοίων ανοιχτού τύπου στα ναυπηγεία Περάματος και Αμαλιάπολης.

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INSB_Class 16th June, 2016


The United States Coast Guard (USCG) has recently published its Annual Port State Control (PSC) Report and Annual Class Performance List for 2015.

The report provides key statistics related to enforcement of international requirements with regard to foreign flag vessels calling in US ports as well as on the safety performance of Flag States and Recognized Organizations.


INSB Class@ USCG | 2013-2015 Safety Compliance Performance

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