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Effective 12 May 2022, INSB Class is pleased to announce that has been delegated authority as a Recognized Organization by the San Marino Ship Register (SMSR) with respect to the performance of classification and statutory certification, plan review, surveys, audits, and inspections for yachts registered in the Republic of San Marino.

By validating a Model Agreement between the Authority for Civil Aviation and Maritime Navigation of the Republic of San Marino and INSB Class, this newly granted RO authorization provides full authorization context with respect to yacht classification and performance of surveys, audits, approvals, and relevant certification under various IMO instruments (i.e. SOLAS, MARPOL, ITC, ILL, ISM Code, ISPS Code, MLC, etc.) as well as National Codes for small and large yachts registered or intended to fly the flag of the Republic of San Marino.


INSB Class looks forward in working closely with San Marino Ship Register as well as with yacht owners and operators registering under the flag of San Marino, to promote yacht safety under our dedicated Yacht program for both Privately and Commercially managed yachts.


  • Download here the updated consolidated listings of INSB Class RO delegations by Flag States.