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Between 20-22 October 2020, INSB Class held a dedicated training webinar for its network surveyors and auditors, analyzing the EU Recycling Regulations and the IHM Compliance requirements.

The webinar was well attended and a series of detailed presentations were delivered and included the following modules:


  • EU SRR

  • Development of an IHM (new-existing ships)

  • HazMats introduction as per HKC/SRR categorization

  • IHM engineering review/approval

  • IHM survey scheme

  • IHM certification

  • HKC/SRR PSC inspection regimes

  • INSB IHM certification scheme, survey checklists and certification

  • Case study by an external IHM expert

  • IHM exams


Aiming to provide INSB Class network surveyors with even a broader scope on the actual application of the IHM requirements on board ships, the webinar featured a guest speaker, a HAZMAT expert from Messrs. ICS SOLIX ENVIRONMENTAL CONSULTANTS who provided useful practical insights and tips to the attendees.




For more information on the INSB Class IHM Scheme and certification services, please visit: