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INSB Class as a dependable and reliant classification society, embraces change and with a clear collaborative spirit remains energetic for participation in joint research programs and activities which aim to marine technological innovation and sustainability.

The MUSICA project is an EU funded project under H2020-EU. which aims to provide a full suite of Blue Growth solutions using renewable power from the wind and waves via smart Multi-Use Platform (MUP) and Multi-use of Space (MUS) combination as a decarbonising and a viable enabling infrastructure for the small island market.

INSB Class is a participating partner to the MUSICA project as a Standards Body and works closely with 14 more distinguished participating partners to deliver a one-stop shop decarbonising and renewable energy solution for small islands, including their marine initiatives (Blue Growth) and ecosystems.

MUSICA is deployed at the small island of Innousses, Greece and draws upon three (3) forms of renewable energy (RE): Wind, Photovoltaic (PV) and Wave, innovative energy storage systems on the MUP, smart energy system for the island, desalinated water and green support services for island’s aquaculture.

Some of the project’s elements include:

  • Three (3) forms of renewable energy (RE) (wind, PV and wave) (total 870kW), providing high RES penetration and competitively affordable electricity,
  • Innovative energy storage systems on the MUP, provide all required storage for power on the island and platform, as well as electrical output smoothening (compressed air storage and batteries).
  • Smart energy system for the island, including: demand response, modelling and forecasting based on high flexibility services from distributed generation.
  • Desalinated water made by desalination unit on the MUP powered by RES providing 1000m3 fresh water for a water stressed island.
  • The MUP will provide “green” support services for island’s aquaculture

MUSICA project is led by Dr Gordon Dalton from MaREI ERI, University College Cork, together with a multi-disciplinary consortium made up of 15 recognised and experienced key players from 7 different EU Member States – University College Cork, Heriot-Watt University, University of the Aegean, Municipality of Chios, Universita da Malta, Coral Ltd, International Consortium of Research Staff Associations, Network of Sustainable Greek Islands, Platforma Oceania de Canarias, Innosea, Aquabiotech Ltd, NeoDyne Ltd, Sinn Power Gmbh, INSB Classification Society, Forkys.

The EU contribution award is €9 million. The project which is currently on going, kickstarted at Chios Islands, Greece on January 2020 and has a 5-year duration.


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