News & Updates

In 2019, INSB Class sustainably continued its elevating course and increased the delegated flag authorizations, international network of survey stations and the number of vessels, yachts and offshore units registered with our Classification Society. By means of adopting new technology tools and dexterities, INSB Class accomplished during 2019 to improve its operational performance and thus provided added value services to the shipowners choosing INSB Class, as their trusted partner.

Our Annual Activity Report 2019 is now published. In our annual reporting we reflect key operational results achieved during the year elapsed, our commitment to ship safety as well as facts and figures together with our strategic aspirations for 2020 and beyond.

On behalf of all of us at INSB Class, we extend our most sincere and warm “Thank you” for helping make INSB Class a trusted classification provider of choice, as we move forward into a demanding new era for the international shipping.

During these unprecedented times, INSB Class will foster its endeavors for building strong relationships with Greek, European and International stakeholders and will continue to contribute to the safe transport of cargo across the globe.