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Throughout the year 2020, the coronavirus epidemic overshadowed the start of the new decade. The Covid19 effect created several impediments and slowed the global economy by causing significant financial consequences, lockdown, and disruption in seafarers and freight mobility, all of which compelled the adoption of more digital work practices and techniques for continued operations.

While navigating such harsh conditions and climate, the INSB Class demonstrated heightened capacity to preserve the safety of its people, assured business continuity and support for its customers, and achieved resilient operating performance results in an unprecedented year. Our risk management model was based on data analysis and fair forecasting to assist balanced decision making and responsiveness in the face of market changes and changes

More information can be accessed via our Annual Activity Report 2020 which is now published, which reflects key operational results achieved during the year elapsed, our unsettled commitment to ship safety as well as facts and figures together with our strategic ambitions for year 2021.