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The year 2021 presented its own unique set of difficulties and underlying opportunities. While operating in a post pandemic setting, with rising demands for innovative technologies and decarbonization and a gradually improving market environment, INSB Class demonstrated year-on-year strong operating performance and secured positive activity results in an orchestrated team endeavor.


As a mission-driven organization, safety has always been our fundamental priority. While continuously monitoring developments, novelties and regulatory changes, the focus of our actions remained spot-on decreasing risk, enhancing safety and bolstering fleet support as part of a coordinated, long-term team effort.

More information can be accessed via our Annual Activity Report 2021 which is now published and available for download. In our annual reporting we reflect key operational results achieved during the year elapsed, our commitment to ship safety as well as facts and figures together with our strategic aspirations for 2022 and beyond.

As we move forward, we are prepared to make the most of the synergies and collaborations that have been built or established with INSB Class and to amplify the combined efforts that we are taking in the direction of safety, sustainability, and innovation.






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