News & Updates

As per Paris MOU officially published Annual Report 2016 and 3 year RO Performance list 2014-2106, INSB Class demonstrated continued improvement of its performance in the European PSC Region by being listed as the 13th best performing organisation -from a total of 33 entities being recorded.

To achieve such positive PSC performance standards, INSB Class implemented a series of PSC prevention measures which proved highly effective.

Throughout the year 2016, INSB Class managed to retain the class related detentions to “Ground 0”, while receiving a large amount of inspections from latter authorities and thus INSB Class approached closer to the borderline leading to high performance rank.

In more particular, during the 3-year Paris MoU reporting period 2014-2016, INSB Class scored a total of 589 inspections versus 7 RO attributed detentions, resulting to an overall excess factor of just 0.11.

Such a sustained and positive performance, endorsed our strong commitment for safety and quality shipping as well as a factual demonstration for the safety & quality of the INSB classed fleet.