Offshore Classification & Statutory Compliance__

Inspected marine vessels and offshore structures are classified according to the INSB Class Rules, which denote the acceptable degree of construction, stability and safety while considering provisions of other recognized standards, such as the IACS URs concerning MODU units, the IMO MODU Code, API RP, AISC-ASD, for the purpose of verification of the unit’s sound structure and fit-for-purpose condition.

In the scope of the INSB classification process, our marine offshore services include:

  • Review and Approval of unit’s design and corresponding engineering studies, manuals and plans, for compliance with applicable Rules & Standards applied;
  • Determination of intended classification notation under INSB Class Rules (assigned following the satisfactory completion of surveys carried out by the society’s surveyors and the completion of verification of compliance with the INSB Class applicable Rules);
  • Performance of required classification surveys for entry under INSB Class with the inspection of several aspects of the unit’s structure (i.e. hull, equipment, electrical systems, fire fighting requirements etc);
  • Periodic and maintenance surveys within the regular five year cycle.

A fully INSB classed unit includes, hull structure, mooring systems and foundations and its marine, production, utility and safety systems.


Offshore standards__

  • INSB Rules for the Classification and Construction of Floating Installations
  • INSB MODU Rules
  • IMO MODU Code
  • API RP, AISC-ASD standards and requirements


Maintaining IMO Statutory Compliance__

Compliance with IMO requirements is also considered during the inspection process to the extent required for verifying certain safety items which lead to a relevant safety statutory certificate being issued or endorsed under the delegating Flag State.

Over 30 Flag States have delegated INSB Class as a Recognised Organisation ( RO) for the performance of various statutory surveys and related certification on their behalf.

INSB Class performs the applicable statutory surveys with the aim to verify unit’s compliance with the mandatory IMO Instruments such as Load Lines, MARPOL, ITC69, MODU Code etc. as well as pertinent Flag State national codes.

During the operational life of the units and in support of its client’s conformity compliance, INSB Class experts realize planned visits and offer a comprehensive range of technical and advisory services during upgrades or extensive maintenance plans with the aim to witnessing conformity and level of required operational safety.

In pursue of staying abreast with evolving norms for the inspection and certification of offshore units, INSB Class experts monitor changes or updates in applicable regulations and standards to ensure updates are adopted and enforced as necessary.