Ship Classification

Class Suspension

The class of a ship will be automatically suspended in the following cases:

Heightened concerns at the impact of global shipping activities on the environment has increased environmental awareness, addressing the needs to improve ship’s efficiency as the most effective means to reduce fuel consumption and atmospheric emissions which in turn develop a new normative context and compliance challenges.

INSB Class belongs to the leading Non IACS ship classification societies and is well regarded as a highly competent and trustworthy provider within the maritime industry.

INSB society has developed its own set of Rules & Regulations,relevant to ships design, construction and operational maintenance, in line with IACS unified requirements. Design and Construction requirements, the scope of tests and surveys are defined by the Rules for Ship Classification and Construction.

The INSB Rules & Regulations derive from principles of naval architecture, marine engineering IMO conventional requirements, MSC circulars, IACS unified interpretations, in service feedback and research findings.

Design and Construction requirements, scope of tests and surveys are defined by the Rules for Ship Classification and Construction.

Surveys & supervision on site for ships during construction is a most valuable dexterity one can anticipate by a ship classification society of choice.

INSB Class has supervised the construction of an expanding number of vessels of various types and sizes (all stages) and which have been satisfactorily and timely delivered, while other projects are on-going.

In a new building project, INSB Class proceeds to:

Ship Classification is a system, which entails verification against a set of requirements during the design, construction and operation of ships and offshore units.

Admission to INSB Class is smooth yet standards compliant process and can be enacted by contacting either with the INSB Head Office or your local INSB field station.

All ships being assigned class with INSB shall be given a class notation consisting of a construction symbol, a main character of class, service area restriction notations and main ship type notations, and entered into the INSB Register Book.

INSB Class provides a broad range of plan appraisal, engineering reviews and technical calculations related to the INSB Classifications Rules & Regulations, the International Conventions and National Regulations, including:

Compliance Review:

  • Review of class plans, drawings and specifications
  • Verifications of main ship’s plans following modification or repairs

Structural related:

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