Marine Related

INSB's loyalty to operational safety is eminent as we work to identify & manage potential risks to achieve improved ship safety and compliancy throughout vessels demanding lifecycle.

INSB’s consolidated experience and technical knowledge acquired over four decades of presence, enable us to offer the maritime industry a range of technical analysis and advisory services, including:

Ship structural & related appraisals

INSB as an international Classification Society maintains  good reputation within the maritime industry, enjoying a continuously increasing acceptability of its classed fleet.

In the complex and demanding maritime environment, INSB Class has achieved substantial growth in the acceptability of its classed vessels by well-known insurance firms including:

  • Lloyd's Syndicated Underwriting Entities

  • Independent Lloyd's Insurance Brokers

This section provides Marine related  information relevant to several areas of interest of the INSB Class Society activity including:

  • Port State Control

  • Approved Services Suppliers

  • Insurance Acceptability

  • Technical Advisory solutions

INSB Class maintains a register of approved Service Suppliers who deliver inspection and/or verification services relevant to ship’s classification, operational and safety equipment on board the vessel.

Approval of such Service Suppliers and issue of the corresponding INSB Document of Approval (DOA) is governed by the INSB corporate quality procedure and revenant provisions.

The INSB Class register of approved Service Suppliers encompasses (but not limited to) the below categories:

Port State Control (PSC)

Port State Control is a harmonized system of ship inspection program whereby foreign vessels entering a sovereign state's waters are boarded and inspected to ensure compliance with various major international maritime conventions.

PSC programs are typically regional in nature; whereby several countries sharing common waters have grouped together under a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to ensure that vessels trading in their area are not substandard.

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