Building upon its Greek maritime heritage, INSB Class has developed dedicated Rules & Regulations for sailing boats and motor yachts classification, either under construction or in service, in compliance with appropriate technical standards.

INSB Class “Rules for the Classification and Construction of Yachts” support all phases of the yacht’s lifespan and are applied for assessing yacht’s hull strength and integrity, propulsion and steering systems, electrical installations, pollution & fire fighting protection systems as well as other essential operational components.

Where required and with the aim to complement a consistent classification process, contents from other parts of INSB Class Rules are referenced.

A yacht remains in compliance with the INSB Class rules when subjected to periodic classification surveys as defined by the rules and found to demonstrate compliance with the applicable requirements.

Apart from the normal classification process, INSB surveyors may attend yacht retrofits or modifications to determine that the work performed returns the unit to a condition that conforms to the INSB Class Yacht Rules.


By maintaining a yacht in class – either used for recreational purposes or fully commercial- may raise asset value, enhance operations, satisfy insurance policies and complement re-sale purposes.